Bob Owen

Thursday, April 29, 2004

I had the mother of all headaches today. It came suddenly, creeped up the back of my neck and settled nicely inside my skull. I slept for 3 hours, and I'm still feeling awful. Unfortunately child #2 receives first communion on Sunday and the list of things that needs to be done is endless. We did however conquer painting and re-carpeting the family room. Thanks to my parents, my house is lookin' pretty darn good.

I discovered during a shopping trip, that child #2 got the shopping genes. He browsed the boys clothing and picked out some things for himself. Most boys would spent the whole trip complaining, but not my boy. I'm so proud!

I'm resurrecting Bob's blog because I need to bitch. I'm not even going to censor the language, I'm letting it fly.

Target. Great store, it has just about everything I need and one thing I don't. A person asking me if I want to save 10 percent and open a Target Visa. EVERY time I shop there, whether I'm spending $5.00 or $500.00 they ask me if I want to open an account, and EVERY time, my answer is NO. STOP ASKING! And, remove the person who stands near the entrance and stops every single person to see if they want to open an account.

On a similar note, I went to the Twins game on Monday night. They had several kiosks all over the hallways to open a Twins Visa account. Enough already. Who does these things anyway?

Next bitch.

Work ethic. Does anyone under the age of 30 have a sense of work ethic? I don't think so. This week, one of my co-workers spent the entire time she was at work whining about how sick she was. Do you know why she was ill? I'll tell you. She was ill because she was out until 3:30 a.m. drinking and was hung over. She proudly reported that she drank a whole bottle of champagne by herself. Congrats! So not only did she whine the whole shift, do the minimum amount of work she could, but she also left early. She'll go far in this world.