Bob Owen

Saturday, June 14, 2003

I'm running low on blogging energy. I still read Instapundit and Lileks (who doesn't) but with baseball games four nights a week I just haven't had the energy or time to contribute to my own blog. Oh, and I've been busy at work so even the speedy Internete connection doesn't hold much attraction.

My sister on the other hand is blogging away. She's part of the Blogspot Jihad and has moved off blogger. Her new site is here. Comments, pictures, no Blogger. The only thing missing (for now) is a tip jar. And a link in Instapundit.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

(Star Tribune) Just about every day, Monica Lewis pauses before her dining room buffet. A get-out-the-vote flier from just before the 2002 election bears a photograph of the late Sen. Paul Wellstone and a quotation: "The future will belong to those who have passion, and to those who are willing to make the personal commitment to make our country better."
She's part of the WWWD crowd. I sarcastically thought, "Yeah, and she probably has candles and incense on the buffet." Read on.
The pamphlet is flanked by candles and an old campaign button. Would she call it a shrine?

"What is a shrine?" asks Lewis, a staff attorney for Volunteers of America. "It's a physical manifestation of a person who espoused ideals that I cherish and want to follow, and if that's a shrine, fine. Call it a shrine."
Okay, it's a shrine. You know, in a few years children around here will start to think Minnesota's capital city was named in honor of the late senator.